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Huge 3150 piece music repertoire

string quartet playing

We own over 3150 pieces making it the largest string repertoire in Leeds and anywhere throughout Yorkshire. You will have the widest range of music to choose from including, Classical, Popular & Modern Music, Musicals, TV & Film, Jazz Music, Big Band, Bond Music, The Beatles, Scottish Music, Welsh Music, Spanish Music, Opera, Viennese, Romantic Classical, Folk music, Jewish Music, Chinese & Japanese Music, Hymns and Christmas Carols. This fantastic repertoire collection gives you the finest choice for your wedding or event.

Dedicated YouTube Channel

String Quartet Channel

Our YouTube video channel is The String Quartet Channel. With over 45 million views and 95,000 subscribers, we are the most popular string quartet channel on YouTube. We have uploaded 1240 videos of us performing onto 45 playlists for your viewing pleasure. All of the music we perform in our videos we have available for your wedding or event. Please click on the Icon to the left to access our YouTube channel.

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